Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Overheard in class last week...

Teacher to Student A: "What does your father do?"
Student A: "I'm sorry, what?"
Teacher: "What does your father do?"
Student A, after a few moments: "He's in a Federal Penitentiary"
Teacher, immediately sorry for asking and stammering somewhat: "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to embarrass you. I thought I recognized his name as a school principal in Blue Springs."
Student A: "Pretty sure no one in my family has never worked at a school."
Student B: "My mom is in Federal prison too!"
Student C: "What did your dad do to end up in prison?"
Student D: "My cousin is in Leavenworth, that don't fuck around up there!"
Student B: "She was in a prison in Illinois, but then was moved to Iowa."
Student E: "I know some people that have been in prison. They said they mess with your shit, big time!"
Student A: "He was a felon that was caught with a gun."


Anonymous said...

Did you tell them about your time in the "Big House"? You know you can share a bathroom story with them.

PV Pathfinder said...

I did not. I'm not proud of the 4 hours I spent in the PV jail. I can't begin to describe how hard it is to take a piss, when you are fall down drunk and handcuffed to the bathroom door. For the record, the sins of the 27 year old PV Pathfinder have not been repeated.