Thursday, March 6, 2008

New stops on The Crawl?

I've been informed that a new bar is going in where the Berliner Bear used to be. No ETA on when it will be open for business, but if it's open on May 24th, we will be stopping there. Additionally, The Tap room has opened next door to Waldo Pizza. Haven't been by there lately, so not sure if it's truly a bar, or simply a party room for Waldo Pizza. Rest assured, we will add it to The Crawl if it meets our lofty standards (open and serving cold beer).

I've been asked about a few specific locations along The Crawl... Jalepeno's, Carmen's and Sharp's (all in Brookside). We normally pass on these places, because by the time we make it to Brookside, it's usually dinner time. As a result, these places are packed w/ the dinner crowd, and there just isn't room for us... but feel free to patronize these fine folks as you see fit.