Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm done with the Kansas City Royals for the season. The last month or so has been pretty brutal, but the last straw was the home field bombing courtesy the St Louis Cardinals. The team stinks. I don't blame the players. For the most part, they seem to be busting their asses. But they are just out gunned. I'm no fan of Trey Hillman, but again, he's just playing with the hand he was dealt. Dayton Moore? Making chicken salad with a chicken shit payroll. Yep... this miserable season rests solely at the feet of David Glass.

Mr. Glass has dug this team in to such a deep hole since the day that he came to town, that Joe Torre, Sparky Anderson and Jesus Christ couldn't save this sinking ship. Granted, the team was a mess when he took over. But what changed on his first day? Nothing. He handcuffed Allard Baird by not letting him bring in free agents that were in their prime. There was no talent developing in the minor leagues because players were drafted on "signability" and not on ability.

Is this really any surprise? Someone who made their money with the "buy cheap and sell cheaper" mentality learned at Wal Mart can't be expected to change their spots. Squeeze every nickle out of what's on the floor (or field in this case) and when the well drys up, talk about relocating.

If you think about it, buying the team was a brilliant move. Buy it at a rock bottom price, ride out the storm for a few years and then put your hand out asking for a (new or) renovated stadium in exchange for an extended lease. Once the stadium is spiffed up, the value of the team increases.

What Mr. Glass fails to realize, is that people have an emotional attachment to their sports team. Might sound silly, but it's true. How else do you explain the tax payer funded renovations at the Sports Complex? Both teams stink, but there's always next year. You can always catch lightning in a bottle for "one magical season" and then all will be right with the world.

I'm old enough to have vivid memories of the 1985 World Series, but not quite old enough to fully appreciate the Glory Days that lead up to 1985. However, I am old enough to rattle of a list of talented players that were either traded away or allowed to leave via free agency because ownership was too cheap to resign them. For the record, not all of these happened on Mr. Glass's watch, but just proves he's been nothing but a keeper of the status quo. How many World Series rings are there between David Cone, Johnny Damon and Jermain Dye alone?

It's sad to hear people talk about how great the organization used to be and how Kansas City used to be a great baseball town. Often times, people chalk it up to KC being a "small market" town. That hasn't stopped the Minnesota Twins from competing every year.

You can spruce up the stadium all you want, but putting a lousy team on the field is like putting a fresh coat of paint on a Wal Mart. It might look nice from a distance, but once you go inside, it still smells like a used diaper.