Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The 10th Annual Waldo Brookside Pub Crawl

The 10th Annual Waldo Brookside Pub Crawl (also known as Pub Crawl X) is right around the corner. What's that? You've never heard of the Waldo Brookside Pub Crawl? Well... let's start with the basics. The Waldo and Brookside areas are located in Kansas City, Missouri. They are located a few minutes south of the world famous Country Club Plaza. The areas are home to thriving residential neighborhoods and a vast array of mostly local, mom and pop type stores. Waldo and Brookside are also the homes of quite a few neighborhood bars. Some time in the mid 90's, while having a drink at one of these fine establishments, the topic of the number of bars in the area came up. As we started naming them, we came to the realization that there were a lot more bars than any of us had realized, and that it would make for a fun day to see how many of them we could visit. At one time there were approximately 16 bars that we counted (not including a few restaurants). Thus was born, The Waldo Brookside Pub Crawl. In the past 9 years some of them have merged with their next door neighbor bar, burned to the ground or closed. But, lucky for us, when one closes, another one opens up. The early years were truly a sight to behold. We were a lean, mean drinking machine. 16 bars in 10 hours. Starting with Walsh's Corner Cocktails at 85th and Wornall, and heading north and stopping at every bar on Wornall, until we made it to Charlie Hooper's in Brookside. The only rule, is that we actually walked. No buses, limos or cabs. 3.2 miles of of beer fueled pride. More details to follow soon!