Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Return trip from Paradise City

So, the first official single is out from the new Guns N Roses album. 15 years in the making... Slash and Izzy are gone, but as long as Axl Rose is around, there will always be a Guns N Roses. To me, it sounds a little more industrial and metal than the old stuff. Click here, and judge for yourself.

Appetite For Destruction came out during my Freshman year in high school. I was never a metal fan (hair, glam, speed, death or heavy), but Appetite wasn't really any of that. Sure, they looked a little "glammy" but they had a more intense sound. More grit, grime, booze, dope and sex... and parents were terrified of them.

I remember standing in line at the Street Side Records in Lawrence at midnight, waiting for Use Your Illusion I and II (if memory serves, I blew 2 weeks worth of beer money on those albums). They were good (at times), but nothing compares to Appetite For Destruction. Not saying that they are a one hit wonder, as much as that was the definitive rock album of it's time. So does the new Guns N Roses, tarnish the name of the original, Worlds Most Dangerous Band?

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