Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The speed loader

  • Alex Rodriguez has admitted using steroids. Who cares? Baseball has always said that cheating was bad, but then quick to wink and smile when someone corks a bat. MLB should be more worried about a massive lawsuit against them and the labs that handled the testing. The only way that the players agreed to the testing, was because they were guaranteed it would be anonymous. Sooooo... how did Rodriguez's name come out? Somewhere, that confidentiality was violated... and I'm stunned the "Players Union" hasn't threatened to sue all involved parties all the way back to the Stone Age.
  • Michael Phelps smoked pot! You know, when you take teen age kids and put them in a training regime that is comparable to a full time job, is it any surprise they try to catch up on what he missed out?
  • I didn't watch it, but I heard some grumbling that Obama's press conference ran long the other night. How quickly people forget that Change (with a capital "C") is a 2 way street. Complaining that 24 is going to be late, while we are in the midst of some serious issues is pretty shallow. Critics might snort that Obama has already given in to politics as usual. Maybe the same thing can be said about the voters? (Full disclosure, I voted for Obama. I didn't know the press conference was even on tv.)
  • The Chiefs finally hired a head coach. Who knows... he could be a total bust. I think fans are excited simply because it's been a total regime change w/ an infusion of young blood. Did you know that he and his family sued McDonald's after finding a dead rat in a salad?

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