Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paradise Point - The Posse

Played the Posse at Paradise Point of Friday. Once again, I managed to get up earlier for golf, than I do for work. Smithville is a nice drive from Prairie Village, so we left around 7, to make our 8:15 tee time. Folks in the pro shop were super nice. Our plan was to play the Posse in the morning, than turn around and play the Outlaw in the afternoon. I've played 36 holes in one day before, and it's quite a rush.

My how quickly a bad round of golf will change your plans! The course itself was pretty nice. The lake comes in to play a few times, and it's a nice change from the courses in our area. But it totally kicked my ass. Nothing went right. Driver was a mess and long irons didn't seem like they wanted to help me out either. Short irons were OK and putting had it's moments. But all in all, a true Alabama Ass Whuppin'. As a result, neither of us could get motivated to play another 18 holes.

Despite being aerated a few days ago, the greens rolled pretty true when putting. Approach shots didn't hold up as well. More than once, Grant or I would have a nice approach, and the second bounce would get all squirrelly on us. Certainly not an excuse for bad play. As a matter of fact, Grant locked in on the back 9 and carded a +6 (a huge jump vs. his front 9). I on the other hand, picked up two strokes from the front, but it didn't make any difference.

All in all, a fun round. A shitty round of golf w/ good weather, sure beats the best day a guy can ever have at work. It's too bad I played so crappy, because I didn't get a chance to truly appreciate the course. I'm sure we will head back up there to play the Outlaw at some point.

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