Sunday, May 4, 2008

Goodbye Sprint

Our Sprint cell contract expired last Wednesday. 36 hours later, we were Verizon customers. We live in one of the pockets of Prairie Village that has shitty cell coverage. My guess is that being in the back yard of southern Mission Hills, there isn't anywhere to put a tower. Not a huge deal since we still have a land line. Anyway, after about 10 years of Sprint, it was time for a change. Sprint's customer service is notoriously bad, and we really only had one or two run ins with them. Of course, they were both as bad as can be (I'm talking in your direction, punk ass mf'er with the Russian accent at the store in Town Center). Because of our location, I don't expect Verizon's coverage to be much better. But the one time I have to talk to some one face to face, I don't expect I'll get some wise ass kid asking if it's life or death, moving my contacts from one phone to the other. (I swear to God, her asked me "Are you a doctor?") So... Verizon, the clock is ticking. You have 30 days (trial period) presumably followed by 2 years, to not piss me off.

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Harvard Largenards said...

So far, so good. After about 40 days, seems like we get a better Verizon signal in our house. 1 dropped call on our way to Dallas and back. So far, pretty pleased. Now if I can just find a 14 year old to show me how get rid of the hideous ringer the phone came with.